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INFN CA Certificate Download

Starting from November 3th 2015 INFN Certification Authority has a new certificate. The old certificate (will expire on 3rd October 2016) is still available in PEM format.

These are the certificate fingerprints:

65:E7:BE:A0:4A:9B:4D:E9:E6:C2:DE:48:2F:4C:F1:89 (MD5)
D1:9E:79:DE:77:73:EF:A2:6A:0B:45:23:67:26:5D:57:AE:82:3C:FE (SHA1)


  • To install the certificate in the browser click the "Download" button and select in the popup window all the displayed functionalities:
    • network sites
    • e-mail users
    • software developers

  • The INFN CA certificate is also available in PEM format.